Monday, 30 May 2011

Mens used/worn socks for sale

Greeting all,

First of all, to my existing mens used socks fans out there, I thank you for your patience to wait so long for me to get this blog organised.

I am excited to share the news with your guys that my mens used/worn socks business is finally up and running on the net; for many of you guys who have purchased mens used socks from me over the past time whether it is business, sporty or tradie socks; it has certainly been a pleasure that I am in fact, able to satisfy your needs and help to make your fantasies come true; I appreciate you guys' inputs on your received items and of course, if you have any suggestion for me as to how may l improve my services better, drop me a line or two and let me know.

As to my potential new comers, I am maddy Sutoyami who first got into the business by accidence; sometimes in the past a mate of mine who is secretly into guys used/worn socks revealed to me that if that's OK to sell him my worn/used socks after work or football games.

The beginning of my mens used/worn socks network started in 2003, many of my loyal fans follow me for many years through words of mouth, friends recommendation or face- by chance.

I understand the sensitivity and difficulty involved about this service, it is a very personal and hard to find a provider who is willing to provide quality to satisfy his fans needs in a long term and regular basis; simply, I have learned so much from my existing fans and the blog has established today is because of your guys. 

By sharing many of your guys stories and frustration, my initial idea of providing the service to make extra cash hasn't been my motivation for a long time, and I said to myself, yes it is a business and as many of you guys who have done businesses with me prior know that I am a professional stud who keeps his promise in and out.     

Many of you are meticulous about your liking on how you like used/worn socks to be and under what conditions.

In fact, following is more for my potential new comers, if you are interested in my services and would like to purchase types of used/worn socks from me (business, sporty, tradie socksas I wear those three types of socks throughout the week and weekend, please drop me an e-mail and tell me a bit about your liking on your fantasies of used/worn socks and what would you like them to be in terms of the scent, fabric and colour.

Please spread the word around about my services to others who may be interested in my services, once again thank you all